About us

We are a team of  researchers, mostly based in the UK for now, but our plan is for the World Star Wars Project to eventually extend to academics from countries and continents all over the world. We are all experienced researchers of film, media, cultural studies, and media audiences. You can find all of our names, affiliations, and more information about us using the links below.

Please direct any questions or concerns to William Proctor (bproctor@bournemouth.ac.uk) or Richard McCulloch (mccullochr@regents.ac.uk).

Project Director

Dr. William Proctor, University of Bournemouth (UK)


Project Co-Director

Dr. Richard McCulloch, Regent’s University London


Primary Research Group

Dr. Lucy Bennett, Cardiff University (UK)

Dr. Bertha Chin, Swinburne University (Malaysia, South-East Asia)

Dr. Ruth Deller, Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

Dr. Lincoln Geraghty, University of Portsmouth (UK)

Bethan Jones, Aberystwyth University (UK)

Dr. Tom Phillips, University of East Anglia (UK)

Dr. Sarah Ralph, Northumbria University (UK)

Dr. Jason Scott, Leeds Trinity University (UK)


Executive Advisory Board

Professor Martin Barker, Aberystwyth University (UK)

Professor Matt Hills, Aberystwyth University (UK)

Professor Clarissa Smith, University of Sunderland








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